How the Affordable Care Act is helping Virginians

The Affordable Care Act, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in 2010, is starting to make a difference for the better in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Virginians.

According to the website

–Because health plans are now required to allow parents to keep their children under age 26 without job-based coverage on their family’s coverage, as of June 2011, 62,846 young adults in Virginia gained insurance coverage.

–84,977 people with Medicare in Virginia received a $250 rebate to help cover the cost of their prescription drugs when they hit the donut hole in 2010. In 2011, 81,535 people with Medicare received a 50 percent discount on their covered brand-name prescription drugs when they hit the donut hole. This discount resulted in an average savings of $600 per person, and a total savings of $48,949,685 in Virginia. By 2020, the law will close the donut hole.

–In 2011, 837,645 people with Medicare in Virginia received free preventive services – such as mammograms and colonoscopies – or a free annual wellness visit with their doctor. And 54 million Americans with private health insurance gained preventive service coverage with no cost-sharing, including 1,519,000 in Virginia.

And there are more improvements to come as the law takes full effect.

All the Republican candidates for president in 2012 have vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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