Voter forgetfulness is GOP’s best hope

This letter from Lexington Democratic Committee chair Dorothy Blackwell was published in the April 23 Roanoke Times:

Mitt Romney’s political strategist is not the only one counting on voters having short memories.

Republicans in the Senate and the House have spent the last three years sabotaging our recovery trying to make President Barack Obama look bad. They showed total disregard for our dwindling middle class.

Moreover, their continued undermining of our sacred social programs has not gone unnoticed: Social Security, Medicare, mental health, Medicaid and public education. This has finally caught up with them. Approval ratings are at historical single digits.

Can they pass themselves off as responsible representatives looking after the interests of their constituents? Perhaps with a massive barrage of propaganda featuring pictures with their families (and dogs) they can pull it off.

Now they must leave the campaign of attack ads against Obama to Karl Rove. Rove did a masterful job in 2010 and engineered a landslide for Republicans in Congress and in many states. They have wreaked havoc.

Can the political strategists count on short memories again? Let’s hope not.

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