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Goodlatte’s “Pain at the Pump” video

Congressman Bob Goodlatte recently emailed constituents with a link to this video, trying to make the case that the only solution to high gasoline prices is increased domestic drilling.

As you can see, it hasn’t gone over so well. I wrote in the comments:

Congressman, oil is a world´╗┐ commodity, and higher gas prices are caused primarily by higher demand in countries like India and China. Simply increasing domestic production will do nothing to change this.

At least he or his people were fair enough not to delete it.

Good answer

President Obama was asked about an ad his campaign released criticizing Mitt Romney for his record at the private equity firm Bain Capital, which shut down a steel plant in Kansas City costing hundreds of jobs.

Here is his response:

March with the Democrats at Effinger

What: Join Andy Schmookler and your fellow Democrats in waving the Democratic Banner in the Effinger Parade


Show support for Democratic Candidates

Show Rockbridge that we have a viable two party system

Show liberal and moderate voters that they are not alone

Offset the Republican and Tea Party contingents

Get some exercise (wear your walking shoes or come for a ride)

When: Friday, May 25th. 7 PM

Time: Arrive about 6PM at the starting point

Directions from downtown Lexington:

Take Route 11 South past the Lexington restaurant, turn right on Route 251 South (Link Road). Keep going on 251 until it becomes Collierstown Road. At Murat, instead of turning right (to continue to Collierstown) go straight ahead on Kygers Hill Road. Continue about two miles up the hill past the cemetery, and turn right onto Blue Grass Trail. Look for signs and people directing the line up for the parade.

Bob McDonnell: the message vs. the record

Via ProgressVA:

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