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Ben Cline skips ALEC meeting

Although Republican State Delegate Ben Cline is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, and has cosponsored many of its bills in the General Assembly, he is not among the Virginians attending ALEC’s 39th General Meeting in Salt Lake City.

Perhaps letters to the editor like that from Lexington Democratic Committee member Stephanie Wilkinson last April convinced Cline to stay at home.

Here’s an animated reminder of what ALEC is all about:

Great opportunity?

George Allen, Republican candidate for US Senate against Democrat Tim Kaine, said the threatened default of the US government last year– which most experts agreed would have been an economic catastrophe– was in fact a “great opportunity.”

Goodlatte wants to know what we think about the health care law

Let’s tell him.

Sixth District Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte has sent an email to his constituents proudly informing us that “I have voted nearly 30 times to repeal, defund, or dismantle the president’s health care law.”

Despite the many ways in which the Affordable Care Act is helping (and will help) millions of Virginians, Goodlatte seems to have made up his mind that the law is irredeemably bad.

Nonetheless he has put up a survey on his website asking constituents if they support full repeal of the health care law. After I voted “no,” I found that the results have been been surprisingly close– surprising because the people on Goodlatte’s email list are more likely to be his supporters than his opponents. I hope the congressman has been surprised too.

If you haven’t voted yet, please do so. And encourage other Sixth District residents to vote too. Let’s see if we can make our votes against repeal the majority and send a real message to Congressman Goodlatte.

Volunteers needed for August 25 Rockbridge Festival

If you can spare some time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday August 25 for the Democratic booth at the Rockbridge Community Festival in downtown Lexington, please contact Dorothy Blackwell at

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