A message from Lexington Democratic Committee chair Dorothy Blackwell:

Yes we did it again! Thank you all for your hard work to reelect President Obama and to elect our new Senator, Tim Kaine. Andy Schmookler fell short in the Sixth District in his race for the House but Lexington was one of the three localities he carried.

We also reelected two of our committee members, Mimi Elrod as mayor and Marylin Alexander to the city council.

You are a great committee.

Thank you!!!!!

President Obama carried Lexington by 55.4% (1,484) to Mitt Romney’s 42.8% (1,146).

Tim Kaine carried Lexington by 58.8% (1,571) to George Allen’s 41.2% (1,102).

Despite his loss, Andy Schmookler carried Lexington with 52.15% of the vote (1,349) to Bob Goodlatte’s 47.51% (1,229).

And Lexington voters who had to endure the cold and worry about missing responsibilities while waiting outside the Spotswood Drive polling place will certainly appreciate President Obama’s observation during his victory speech that something needs to be done about long voting lines.

2 Responses to “Victory!”

  1. 1 vabelle November 7, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    All things considered, our lines weren’t all that long. In the areas which had been affected by Sandy — like Norfolk and VA Beach — there were so many people lined up at 7PM (who have to be allowed to vote, once they’re in line), that some polls stayed opened till 11PM.
    But its true that he turnout was unprecedented. None of us had ever seen anything like that before. I worked on the poll book, from 1PM till all the votes — both yesterday’s and those cast earlier, absentee — were counted, all the machines (twice as many as usual) were packed away, all the recording tapes signed, all the envelopes initialed, etc. We were warm but, at the end, we were exhausted. The captains of both precincts — who didn’t work shifts but were there all day long (starting at 5AM) — must have felt like zombies.
    And then I stayed up till almost 2AM, watching returns from all over the country. I’m so happy Virginia stayed blue. We’ve done it! Now, we need to start thinking of 2014 🙂

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