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Election results

Ellen Arthur has posted the following message on her campaign Facebook page:

I want to say thank you to each and every one of my incredible supporters. You donated your hard earned money, you knocked on doors, you made phone calls, you wrote letters to the editor, and, most importantly, you BELIEVED in progress and change. Don’t lose that fire or that spirit. Over 5,000 people in this district called for change last night. Make sure Delegate Cline continues to hear your voice as he not only represents the folks who voted for him, but the folks who voted for me too. This is just the first step of many we will take to see progress in Virginia and I am honored to have made that step with such incredible supporters by my side. Thank you.

And thank you, Ellen, for taking on this campaign against such overwhelming odds after two elections in which Ben Cline faced no opponents. We made more people aware of Cline’s terrible legislative record; and it was an important effort that gives us something to build on in the future.

Despite Ellen’s disappointing loss, I also want to thank everyone who put time, effort and money into this campaign. We can be proud that Ellen carried the City of Lexington with more than 57 percent of the vote.

Statewide, although it’s unfortunate that the Democrats did not regain control of the Senate, we did pick up two new members of the House of Delegates and chip away at the Republicans’ majority in that body. So although much of the media is portraying the election as a crushing defeat for the Democrats, it really was no such thing.

Thanks again. I will be in touch soon about our reorganization meeting in December or January.

If you want to get involved, please contact me at

Gene Zitver, chair
Lexington Democratic Committee

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