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Kai Degner for Congress

Good news, in case you didn’t know: While Tom Howarth unfortunately had to drop out of the race for Congress in the Sixth District for health reasons, another excellent Democrat, Kai Degner, has stepped in to run against Bob Goodlatte. Kai is 35 years old and a member of the Harrisonburg City Council.

The fact that Goodlatte has endorsed Donald Trump for president is enough to disqualify him from serving another term as our representative in Congress.

You can find out more about Kai and his campaign (and of course donate much-needed money) at his website.

You can visit and “like” his Facebook page here.

Lexington Democratic Committee meets June 20

The Lexington Democratic Committee will meet Monday June 20 at 5:15 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room of Lexington City Hall, 300 E. Washington.

We will be discussing plans for the 2016 campaign, including the Democratic booth at the Fourth of July Festival at VMI. Joining us will be Tyler Mitchell, the Virginia Democratic party’s campaign coordinator for our area.

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